Wednesday, 5 January 2011

Meeting my angels

"Millions of spiritual creatures walk the earth unseen, both when we wake and when we sleep". --John Milton

“Do you believe in angels?”

A presenter asked this question to a group of 60 students during a weekend introduction to astrology course that I attended a few months ago. I looked around the room. A handful of people hesitantly raised their hands. Frankly, I didn’t know how to respond since I wasn’t sure myself.

I remember a story my friend’s dad told me when I was about 12 years old. He knew a man who was a window washer, and while cleaning the windows of an office building one day, his harness gave out on him. He fell several stories through the air, and just as he was about to hit the pavement, he experienced landing on a soft bed of feathers – as though a pair of angel wings reached out and broke his fall.

That man never should have survived that fall at all, but miraculously, he didn’t have a scratch. My friend’s dad believed it was the work of God.

That story amazed me. At the same time, I dismissed it because I felt it was grounded in religion – something I turned away from as a young girl. Now, finding my way back to spirituality on my own terms, the idea of someone or something watching over me doesn’t seem so far fetched.

While on vacation in Halifax this summer, I went to see a woman named Kelliena, who is a psychic. There was a very positive review about her in a local online journal, describing her gifts and her ability to “communicate with angels”. I wasn’t really sure about this, but it definitely piqued my interest.

She reads out of a store called Little Mysteries that focuses on spirituality, holistic healing and personal growth. When I arrived for my 11:00 am appointment, the clerk took me to the back of the store, behind a curtain, where she was sitting at a small round table. I was surprised to see we were about the same age. She had a warm, calming presence and seemed very down-to-earth.

She said she would be giving me messages from my angels and I nodded my approval. She spent most of the session looking over my left shoulder, translating their messages for me. I was in awe of what she told me, and I barely said a word until the end of the session. Here are just a few of the main messages:

She said that I was in a period of renewal, trying to get my energy back after what seemed like one health issue after another; she talked about how hard I am on myself, and that I give my energy to others first and leave little for myself, which has a negative impact on my health; she told me that I’ve been laying low, trying to protect myself so I could heal, but that as a fire sign I needed to ignite my fire – even by lighting candles and meditating; she also said that I’m a writer, that I needed to continue writing even when my energy is low, and that although my condo has wonderful energy, I need a space of my own in the country, so I can truly get in touch with my gift without the distractions of the city.

Before I left she told me that my angels are always with me, and that I can see and feel them through meditation, in my dreams, and when I call on them for help.

I left the store shaking, feeling slightly overwhelmed, yet spellbound by her words. It was like she saw right through me, right into my soul, speaking out loud the things I’d been thinking about for weeks or even months.

Over lunch with my husband at a little restaurant up the road, I asked the waitress for a pen and used the back of my datebook to write down everything I could remember from the session.

For days afterward, I kept thinking about what she said. I was both amazed and inspired. This experience somehow allowed me to believe a bit more in what, deep down, I think I already knew – that maybe we’re not alone after all.


  1. Beautiful, thank you for sharing, I really enjoyed reading that.

  2. Fantastic! Your writing moves me...

    With gratitude from a SheWriter

  3. Thank you so much Cathy, and great to meet you.

  4. I'm also from Toronto and I was in that same store this summer. Now that you've written that wonderful explanation, I wish I had taken the time to speak to one of the readers . . . particularly that one! I thought about it. It was an amazing store!

    Thanks you for sharing that with me. I have a lot more thinking about angels to do.

  5. City Wiccan -

    Thank you so much for your comment. If you have a chance to go back to Halifax, I highly recommend seeing Kelliena. She really does have a gift.

  6. Wow, what an experience. I once had a psychic reading and was knocked sideways by it, seeing as I had purposely tried to not give anything away if you know what I mean! That's an amazing gift you;ve been given, never forget it =)

  7. Haley, thank you for your message. I saw you blog - your artwork is gorgeous!

  8. I do believe in angels. Ironically, when I was reading this post, I my heart started to speed up, especially when you mentioned Halifax. My first husband was killed in a plane crash not far from Halifax. At Peggy's Cove. In the 12 1/2 years since his death, I often feel him around me. I see him in dreams, and he communicates with my best friend who is a psychic. He is always around in some capacity, sometimes to support me during a difficult time, or at other times, he likes to play jokes.

    Although I still mourn his loss, I always know he is a call or dream away.

  9. Lanita, thank you for sharing about your husband - I'm so sorry that you lost him. But how wonderful that he is with you that way.

  10. I visit Kelliena often, as do many of my friends, and even my teenagers at times. She is good, as this article states. Her readings proved to me that everything does happen for a reason - there are no strange co-incidences. Kelliena has given me a heads up to many things before they actually happened, and I was prepared and able to understand their significance in the bigger picture of life with they came to pass. She pointed out areas in my life I needed to pay greater attention to. Life truly is a training ground, and our angels are communicating with us to help us through it. We sometimes need help to hear them. I would highly recommend a reading at the shop, particularly with Kelliena.

  11. Anonymous - thank you so much for sharing your experience. It seems that Kelliena reaches many with her gift. It is wonderful when we can encounter these small glimpses of magic in the everyday, reminding us of the love that surrounds us always.

  12. Hi Kirsten
    Just having a read of your blog. Thanks. I am currently drawing angel sculptures and will be adding more to my site at if interested. I like the picture of the back of the angel....Tim

    1. Welcome Tim! Thanks so much for your message. I visited your website and your artwork is gorgeous!!