Thursday, 15 August 2013

How Do We Heal?

Today I'd like to introduce you to Jodi Lobozzo Aman, an author, counselor, yogi, and healer.  In today's guest post, she shares with us her journey to healing. Thank you, Jodi, for opening your heart to us here.

My opportunity to learn holistic approaches to health came as most opportunities come to us.

Through a crisis.

My own health crisis happened 15 years ago. Western medicine offered me no relief save, “It’s stress. Take this pill.” This far from satisfied me.

I could barely function and I had far too many dreams to fulfill to give in to immobilization! I had babies to raise, a relationship to nurture, a life to live! I had passionate curiosity about the body, mind, and spirit to satiate.

What makes us sick? 

What makes us heal? 

What are we doing here?

What is death?

How do we know when we are done healing? 

I plugged into study in three directions

1. Outside through books and teachers

I studied Ayurveda–traditional Indian medicine–and Yoga first. Then, narrative therapy, mindfulness, A Course In Miracles, and shamanism–indigenous spiritualities. I connected with the divine feminine and studied the energies of gender and power. These knowledges made explicit the link between my health and my environment. And how my mind is part of that environment.

What I learned validated what I was witnessing in my own life and in the stories of my clients. We felt and understood the world according to our surroundings. I could literally see how our context forms our beliefs.

2. Deep inside to the inner workings of my soul

I saw the connection between feeling bad and believing that I was ‘not good enough.’ I felt the pervasiveness of it by noticing the same problem in almost everyone around me. Then I noticed how dangerous it was for the community for us to feel this way. How, believing, defending, or trying to compensate for guilt and fear, leads us off our path every time.

I realized that I am a reflection of what is around me. Or more apt, I am a reflection of how I see the world around me. And the world around me is a reflection of my inner self. (Even the weather is a reflection of our inner turmoil.) I realized that as I healed myself, I could heal others and vise versa.

I went deep to figure out who I was beyond that reflection and I found the light that was the source within me, yet beyond me. This is who I really was. I wanted to bring this light out and have that be reflected rather than the negative guck be reflected. Then, I could find the light in others and reflect it back to them.

3. Directly to Spirit

(Spirit gave the best answers.) There are so many ways to heal, I was discovering. One can pick any path and take it to the end and find Spirit there. Feeling unworthy and separate makes the path very long. And self-love and connection is the easiest way to shorten the journey. Shifting from one to the other is a matter of shifting believes about who you are. This is easier once you see divine in everything–and you are included in that everything.

                  When you find truth, you find truth everywhere.

I realized that the answers from my studies pointed me in the same direction: Love is the answer. Once I saw the world this way, that is how it looked to me. 

A belief is incredibly powerful, but it is just a belief. We can change beliefs. It is our beliefs that change our world. (Yes, please!)

Once I changed my beliefs about my crisis–from “I can’t do this, I just want to die if I have to feel this way,” to “I can handle life and there could be some good things in it,”–my intensely painful time ended.

This doesn’t mean that I never feel bad! Of course I have bad days still, with many tormenting old stories that still need to shift. When they get into my head space, I just have to take a step back and remind myself of who I am. Then, I go in three directions and ask questions.

We don’t just heal once and are done with it. (Just like you wouldn’t go to the gym once and be fit.) Healing is a practice. Fortunately, a practice that gets much easier over time.

Where do you turn when you go through a crisis?

Jodi Lobozzo Aman, LCSW-R, is a human being on the path to spiritual wholeness. Her blog Heal Now and Forever Be In Peace, is an invitation for you to join her journey. She is a counselor, mother, healer, author, lover, teacher, friend, helping people open to new ways of being. Her free e-book What IS UP With Your DOWN? Being Grateful in 7 Easy Steps is available on her website. 

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  1. Kristen,
    An absolute joy to be here. I loved how your invited me to tell my story deeper and more explicit. I learned more about myself and hope it touches others in a way that helps them!

    1. A pleasure to have you here Jodi!! It's always a question I have for what I believe are empowered women - how did they get there? I think it's our vulnerabilities that connect us all. Thank you for sharing yours : )

  2. I love this post. I had goosebumps and tears reading it because it gives me hope. You always give me hope, but reading about the crisis you've been through and seeing who you are now, my real model of perfection, make me think I might be able to do it too.You searched and found the answer, and now you're shining "Love" and guiding me. Thank you.

    1. Darling Nikky, I am far from perfection. That idea allows you to feel separate from me. So get it out of your head. I am a Tour of Weakness just like everyone else. See this post to see what I mean.

      But I agree there is hope for anyone. If anyone could do it, anyone can do it. That's my motto!

    2. I will check the post, thank you.
      Can you define perfection in a way everyone agrees with? I certainly can't and it is very relative. According to my definition, you are perfect and it doesn't really make me feel separate because I know we have a lot in common, so it makes me feel better with myself and it motivates me to continue on that path towards perfection, again according to my definition :)

    3. I stand corrected! You are brilliant and eloquent, my dearest Nikky! Thank you!

  3. I love that "We don't just heal once and be done with it."....I think I needed to read that today. Right now.

    1. Sandra,
      Then, I am so glad you did. I think we all need to hear this. Having our stuff surface again and again too easily invites judgment. And then they hold onto their stuff stronger. I want people to let it go!